The last thing that you want to happen during your holiday travels is to have your data compromised by hackers. There are ways to protect yourself from a hackers attack and tools available to you in case they do. Below is a short list of tips to consider before you head out for the holidays.

Possibilities with Bluetooth
Connecting to Bluetooth while traveling makes you vulnerable. When you activate Bluetooth, you open possibilities of being seen by hackers. Hackers can see networks that you connect to, and then imitate them and trick your device into connecting to their Bluetooth devices. After connecting, hackers can then infect you with malware, enabling hem to steal data or spy on you. When connecting to Bluetooth be cautious and don’t keep it on all the time.

All Devices Need Remote Security
Traveling can make you a target, so have a plan to protect your data in case a device is lost or stolen. You can install software, such as Meraki Mobile Device Manager or VaultLogix Mobile, which will track, and, remotely lock and wipe your devices. Apple, Google, and Windows also offer remote security for their devices. However, they are more difficult to remotely track, wipe, or lock computers.

Keep Your Bank Account Protected
During your holiday travels could possibly be the worst time to have your bank account jeopardized. To help avoid this always be sure the latest updates on your banking apps are installed and avoid shared networks. In the event that you absolutely must use a public computer to access your account, make sure to clear browsing history and cookies and DO NOT click on any links, they could be malware.

You Need a VPN
A virtual private network (VPN) will keep you protected over Wi-Fi. You can create a secure connection over a shared network with a VPN, which provides a layer of security. The VPN also protects you from being seen or tracked across the Internet.

Safe Travels!