Choose LED Christmas lights.
LED (light emitting diode) Christmas lights use 10% of the energy of typical incandescent Christmas lights. They are safer than the typical lights, as they do not generate heat. LED lights are inexpensive and beautiful, and when you use LED lights to decorate around the office or in a display window you could be saving your business up to 90% on holiday lighting costs.
Keep Christmas lights on a timer.
Implement a timer so that lights shut off after business hours or at sunrise. This is a simple and effective way to cut down on holiday electric bills Email holiday cards.Save paper and money by e-mailing holiday cards and Christmas party invitations. At, you can find a variety of free card and invitation choices, or you can get creative and design your own!
Reduce holiday waste.
Serving food on reusable plates and glasses will cut reduce waste and save money. Get the office on board and create your own green party kit. Suggested items needed are a large transportable bin; a collection of lightweight, non-breakable dishes; and cloth napkins.
Always Recycle.
Purchase recycled products.
If you must use disposable products, go with recycled and biodegradable products. When you buy recycled products, you’re helping to increase the demand for them.
Use carbon neutral shipping. 
Whether you’re shipping gifts or business related items, consider carbon neutral shipping. UPS and several other retail store offer this option. By using the carbon neutral shipping option, you demonstrate your commitment to protecting the environment, and it enables you and the recipients to share in that commitment together.


Remember, a little GREEN goes a long way!