In recent years businesses have become more conscious of our environment and have changed their gears to focus on being green. In do so, they found that being green is was not always kind to the pocketbook. That does not necessarily ring true anymore, times are changing! Now that recycling is more mainstream, doors have opened with opportunities to be green and profitable! DCR is always looking for green options for ourselves and other businesses because the environment, and your business’ profitability are important to us. The following ideas are easy to implement and can start saving you money today!

  1. Adjust printer driver default settings to print double sided to reduce paper use.
  1. Use recycled paper and recycle used paper.
  1. Always choose energy-saving products with ENERGY STAR enabled. Your business will save money on energy bills by choosing ENERGY STAR compliant printers and multi-function printers. There are products available that learn your company’s usage and will tailor itself to fit your needs and then switch between power saving and ready modes to conserve energy.
  1. Think before you print. The Print Preview feature can be used to avoid printing

unwanted pages. This simple precautionary is very helpful, but often forgotten

or overlooked

  1. Utilize scanning to e-file. This saves time searching for information, and money

by cutting paper cost.

  1. Distribute documents electronically. These features allow incoming faxes and scans to be routed to an email address, saving unnecessary printing.
  1. Use Scan to Email and Fax Forward to Email features.
  1. Choose a GREEN font. As a thin and light font, Century Gothic managed to beat out Ecofont, which was specifically created to cut costs by spewing out less ink. On a dollar basis, it is projected that the average person printing around 25 pages a week would save $20 a year by using Century Gothic for all documents. A business or heavy-duty user printing 250 pages per week would save around $80 for the year. And large companies with multiple printers could potentially save hundreds of dollars a year.

These easy changes can start saving your business hundreds of dollars with

minimal effort on your part.

Small changes can make BIG differences.