Who is responsible for keeping up with your company’s software licenses? Who tracks the license renewal and warranty expiration dates? If Microsoft comes calling, is your company complying with end user licensing agreements?

These are time consuming tasks for anyone, and can be especially daunting for companies who do not have full time IT staff. However, neglecting these tasks can mean costly and unexpected expenses.

Expired Warranties:
A hardware failure on mission critical equipment, can lead to extended downtime and unplanned repair cost.

Software Maintenance:
Expired maintenance contracts can lead to lack of support.

Software Licensing:
Did you know software companies have a legal right to request an audit of the quantity and version of products in use at your company? Did you know proof of ownership of the software you use is your responsibility?

DCR offers License and Warranty Management Tracking because we recognize the frustration that businesses must endure to remain compliant and protected. This service provides notification at least 45 days prior to license and warranty expiration dates, tracks quantity, contract numbers, install location and more. Clients automatically receive these services for products sold through DCR, and may choose to add product purchases elsewhere.

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