Due to deforestation, continued land development, and poor forest management, over 15 billion trees each year are cut down; that translates into approximately 48 football fields every minute. As an answer to this huge problem, the Earth Day Network created the theme – Trees for the Earth, and a plan to plant 7.8 billion trees by 2020. That is one tree for every person on Earth.

In our previous ePress newsletter we discussed the impact one small business can have in a year.  The average small business office with approximately 10 employees use 20 trees a year. Speaking in terms of cost, that’s approximately $679.56 worth of paper.

There is no effort too small in the fight against the deforestation of our planet. E-cycling, recycling, e-filing, reusing, re-purposing, and reducing – are all great ways to benefit our planet and your business’ bottom line.

Be Active – Plant a tree. Make a donation. Reach out to your friends in your social network and start planning your 2017 Earth Day event!