We all love Wi-Fi. It’s a beautiful thing to be free of cables and wires, and able to roam as you please throughout your office or home. However, Wi-Fi is not secure by default. Wi-Fi data is transmitted through the air and anyone with the right tools can capture it. We will discuss below security measures to protect company files, online accounts, and user privacy – whether on your own network or someone else’s.

Wi-Fi routers and wireless access points (WAPs) are not secure when first purchased. Until encryption has been configured, anyone nearby can easily connect to your network. Typically, these users are using your free wireless Internet for browsing and downloading, which serves to slow down your connection. Nonetheless, hackers could also access your PC and files if they wanted to. They could capture your passwords and hijack your accounts.

Listed below are steps that are necessary and MUST HAVES to secure your network.

Choose the right Wi-Fi security settings. Enable WPA2 – Personal Security on Your Network
If your Wi-Fi network is secured only with WEP or nothing at all, then at least enable
WPA2 – Personal security.

Offer Separate Wi-Fi for Guests
Never allow an untrusted or unfamiliar person access to your private Wi-Fi network, so they can’t possibly get into your computers and files, and eavesdrop on your traffic.

Physically Secure Your Network Equipment
Keep equipment physically locked and secure.

Use guest WiFi securely outside the office with VPN
You can use a virtual private network (VPN) connection, which secures all your Internet traffic by redirecting it to the VPN server via an encrypted tunnel. This ensures that if local eavesdroppers are hanging around a Wi-Fi hotspot, they won’t see your real Internet traffic and can’t capture your passwords or hijack any accounts.

Be Sure Websites Are Encrypted
Secure all your traffic when out of the office, at least ensure that any websites you log in to are encrypted. You should always see https:// instead of http://

Purchase Business Quality Wi-Fi Equipment
DCR offers Cisco Meraki wireless access points with enterprise features at small and medium sized business prices. The Cisco-Meraki access points allow a custom “splash screen” to be setup for guest Wi-Fi access, to keep guests off your network but still allow them Wi-Fi access. Remote management using cloud bases console is a key feature which makes managing all your devices easier than ever before. Especially when integrated with the full line of Cisco-Meraki products like routers and switches.

Contact your DCR sales rep to find out how you can get a free Cisco-Meraki wireless access point for your business!