Seasonal cleaning can mean many things. In your home: washing windows and floors or hauling off trash. In the office: purging old files, furniture, and assets. However, businesses often neglect preventative maintenance for their computer hardware and environmental control systems.

Yes, computers need routine cleaning! Frequent cleaning of servers, desktops, and laptops is often overlooked and can result in costly repairs. Dust will build up on the   internal components restricting airflow and preventing proper cooling of these components. This can result in the computer running hot, causing the fans to run faster and louder than normal. Heat can also result in the CPU automatically throttling back to keep the temperature from rising, which can result in slower performance. Heat is the number one enemy of electronics and the life span of computers that run hot for too long will be greatly reduced.

Large data centers run massive cooling systems to remove the heat from the environment and use air filtration to minimize dust buildup. While most small business budgets do not permit this level of protection, there are steps you should take.

Schedule annual or bi-annual cleaning of servers and key computers, or invest in training and materials to perform the cleaning yourself. Consider cooling options for your server room and wiring closets and have the units serviced annually. If your office heating/cooling system includes vents in these areas, do not allow heat to be blown into these rooms in the winter. It is best practice to keep your server room temperature range between 68 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit.

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