Ergonomics is the science of designing specific items, such as furniture, to comfortably conform to the body and reduce the risk of injury from stress and strain. Ergonomic furniture is more comfortable than regular office furniture, improving the overall work environment. This furniture reduces common problems such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, neck pains, and lower back pains – to name a few.

A great feature of ergonomic furniture is that it can be adjusted in numerous ways, which considerably reduces the amount of strain on the body. Employees can become fatigued throughout the day due to furniture that does not adequately accommodate their bodies, but with ergonomic office furniture, there is less risk of injury due to the conformity offered.

This type of furniture increases productivity greatly by decreasing the amount of stress the body experiences. When your employees are comfortable and able to work with less strain on their bodies, they will do a better and more productive job.

One study of high school students had students stand at an ergonomic standing desk through class rather than sitting and found test scores improved 20%. The student’s parents also indicated that their children seemed to be more energetic after school and were more responsive to doing their homework. If a standing desk can get a teenager to do his or her homework, then it must be doing something right!

Ergonomic furniture is a step up from ordinary office furniture. Whether your office is in a business office or in your home, ergonomic furniture may be the answer to the aches and pains that result from using traditional furniture.