The fundamental goal of a preventive maintenance plan is reliability and increased equipment life. Preventative maintenance includes procedures that check for efficient operation to enhance life expectancy of the hardware and insure energy efficiency.

Preventative Maintenance is a regularly scheduled check up of your computer hardware to help ensure that equipment is maintained. All internal components are dusted to help machines avoid overheating or static charge. Machines are then inspected for any wear and damage. This service is typically performed semi-annually or annually. Machines that are kept on a regular preventative maintenance schedule work less to stay cool – which saves your time and energy, and inspected machines generally last longer as issues are resolved before they become problems.

Following are some things to consider when deciding if preventative maintenance is something you want to include in your managed services.

  1. Does your office have carpet or hard floors? It impacts the amount of dust in the air that will be sucked into your machines.
  1. Are there animals in your office?
  1. Do you or your employees work on construction sites or in landscaping? This will result in dirt and debris being brought into office.
  1. When was the last time your machines were cleaned?

Put your money into preserving your equipment and save on your bottom-line by subscribing to Preventative Maintenance services.


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