A security breach is an event that compromises a computer, data, application, network or other resource. Unauthorized access to your data may result in confidential information being viewed, stolen, or used for identity theft. Consider the following statistics:

60% of data breaches occurred in medium and small sized businesses
$14,000 is the average amount a company spends in recovery efforts

While these statistics are alarming, there are proactive measures you can take to protect you and your clients. Invest in robust, business grade technology. There are solutions for every budget. Have your security technology reports and consoles reviewed by an IT Professional on a monthly, or at the very least, quarterly basis. Invest in a Network and Security assessment on at least an annual basis.

DCR’s Network and Security assessments leverage technology to interrogate your hardware, software, configuration, accessibility and security, identifying problems that cannot be ‘seen’ by the human eye alone. You receive Management Plans, Risk Scores that include details on any issue uncovered, External Vulnerability Scan and User Behavior Analysis. We review the findings with you, discuss recommended action, and answer any questions.

Why wait for a problem to happen? With the increasing frequency of data breaches, problems left unresolved can result in costly downtime, loss of data, reputation damage, and worse. Call our team today to discuss scheduling an assessment and Experience the DCR Difference.