Hiring full-time or part-time IT staff can prove to be cost  prohibitive for many small and medium sized businesses. Yet, these businesses have IT needs which can quickly consume time and surpass the skills of staff members who may not be trained IT professionals. Managed Services is a perfect solution to this problem.

Managed Services is typically defined as the outsourcing of proactive management duties and functions to aid with daily IT operations, while managing IT cost. When you subscribe to Managed Services with DCR, we take responsibility for monitoring, maintaining or resolving IT functions for your business.

Companies that do have an IT staff often have a small team that can find themselves swamped with everyday support tasks, while the daily management and monitoring of the network gets delayed. DCR Managed Services will supplement your IT staff by performing routine tasks, providing extra man-power for special projects or coverage during vacations.

By simply monitoring and maintaining your systems, our Managed Services can help avoid countless technology problems and resolve existing ones. We provide backup checks, restore testing, monitor security solutions, perform preventative cleaning, and much, much more!

As a Managed Service Provider, DCR is your solution to the inevitable IT problems, taking care of recurring and routine tasks, and freeing you or your IT staff to focus on your business.

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