After serving in World War II, Oren Atchley returned to Fort Smith and went to work for the Harry G Barr company as an HVAC Technician. He soon became the lead technician for the company, and when Mr. Barr decided in 1958 to get out of the heating and air conditioning business to focus on doors and windows, he wrote a letter to his customers encouraging them to call Oren Atchley for their heating and cooling needs. Thus, Oren Atchley Company was born.

Oren had 3 children who each helped in different capacities over the years. Eventually, Tom and Alan Atchley, his two sons, took over and led the business from a small mom and pop shop to one of the leading service companies in the River Valley. In 2001 Mike Atchley, Tom’s son, came to work for the business and has served as President since 2004.

For the last 30 years, Atchley Air has focused on servicing and replacing existing heating and cooling systems for both residential and commercial customers. In their industry the average sale is low and the demands are high, but, Atchley Air  views this as an opportunity rather than as an obstacle because they believe in providing consistent quality service to create long-term relationships with their clients.

Atchley Air’s home office is located in Fort Smith, AR. Twenty years ago they moved into their big building on Wheeler Avenue, they had fewer than 20 employees and thought they would never be able to use all the space. Today  with nearly 50 employees, all the additional space is occupied and they are having to clear land for additional parking!

Atchley serves the River Valley for residential work, staying within a 25 mile radius of the office. They do travel as far south as Mena, and as far east as Clarksville for commercial and industrial work. They recently opened a Northwest Arkansas branch office in Farmington and have three field employees working  out of that office on a daily basis.

Atchley field technicians rely on their mobile devices to work remotely while onsite with clients. These devices are used for billing, scheduling, and communication with the office or clients. To accommodate these technology needs, Atchley carefully selected high quality hardware and software solutions. These solutions deliver the performance and reliability needed to provide the excellent service their customer’s expect.