The weather is finally cooling off and around here that means only one thing – Football Season! When you are at a football game with your family and friends the last thing you want to worry about is your personal safety or the safety of your loved ones. Hiring security for these events is for the protection of the patrons, and many times serves as a deterrent to potential lawbreakers. Recently we sat down with Tom Honeycutt , President of Professional Security, to talk about the services his company provides.

Professional Security offers highly trained onsite armed and unarmed security guards, patrols, and a variety of investigation services for businesses, individuals, and events like concerts, football games, graduations. Founded in 1989 by retired Russellville Chief of Police R.D.  For Burnett, the goal was simple, build a quality security business from scratch.

Upon retirement, Burnett had taken a job with an established guard company and quickly realized, that like many other security companies, this one was more about income and less about security. He found the training offered was poor or  non-existent, pay was low, supervision inadequate, and customer service was substandard. Discovering the need for local, high-quality security professionals, Burnett partnered with David Ogden and Larry Devero to open Professional Security. These men laid the foundation of the company,  providing security services to Fort Smith and the metropolitan area; winning the business of companies who are still clients today.

Today, Tom Honeycutt  oversees a company that has expanded to two locations and over 100 employees. As Professional Security grew Tom recognized the need to improve the backup of his critical data as his traditional backup to tape left him feeling apprehensive about restore capability. Tom choose to invest in an ioSafe vault and backup solution that includes an offsite cloud backup. The on premise ioSafe is fireproof and waterproof. This solution was an investment for Professional Security, because their priority is their clients security, whether it’s personal or data.