During this morning’s daily news conference state, local, and federal officials discussed the reinforcement to a section of the levee in Crawford County. In summary, as of “9:00 this morning the reinforcement performed yesterday is holding”. Precautions have included notifying Van Buren businesses in the area of the concern and asking that they be prepared to evacuate if needed. (This information is provided by 5newsonline.com)

Obviously personal safety comes first. Then since most of us depend on our computers to be able to collect accounts receivable, generate payroll and in some cases generate revenue; what do you need to consider when evacuating? Following are some guidelines.


1) Assume you will not be able to return for some period of time.

2) Prioritize. Which positions need to be able to work? Typically, revenue generators, accounts receivable, payroll, accounts payable are important. Once you have set priorities what computer equipment should you take with you?

3) Where is an alternate location you can work? A room at a church? A meeting room at a hotel? The owner’s home?

4) Establish a plan of communications with all staff members. Remember on-site phone systems will not work, rendering normal call-in messaging ineffective.

5) Notify your general liability insurance provider if you know where your business will be operating.


What to Take: 


Include their power cables, keyboards/mice, monitors, ethernet cables

UPS(s) connected to the server(s)

On premise backup




Computer(s) for Key Positions:

Get a box, carton or bag and label it with each user’s name

Label computers and monitors (a quick way to do this is to put scotch tape on device and write user’s name with a permanent marker)

Monitors (leave cables connected to monitors and disconnect from computer)

Computer (put power cable in the box)

Keyboard/Mouse (put in the box)

Ethernet cable (put in the box)




Take at least one printer

Power cable and ethernet cable



Hosted Phone System – take key personnel handsets and ethernet cables, and the switch they connect to

OnPremise Phone System – take the account/PIN codes needed to make changes to your phone service (calls can be forwarded)



Printer Paper


Deposit Bag

P.O. Box Keys

Security or Key FOB used for two factor authentications to bank account

General Liability Insurance (agent name and phone number)

Hard copy files of work in process, not available on your computer system

If you need assistance do not hesitate to call! Clients impacted by flood damage who need after hours support, we are waiving the $100 emergency after hours fee, which normally applies if a business is not on a Support Agreement providing 24 x 7 coverage. You may reach us after hours by calling the number on your Support Agreement, or by calling our office at 918-436-1830.