What Exactly is a Cloud Backup?

A Cloud Backup is a service that backs up your data to a remote cloud-based server. Depending on your business’s preference or need this service will create your backup sets or recovery points for your data. What that means is, you can set your backup to run every 15 minutes, daily, weekly, monthly, WHENEVER is best for your business. That also means that your recovery points can be set to your preference.


UDP Cloud DirectUnlike a traditional backup that you’re accustomed to, Cloud Backups automatically replicate an image of your system on a scheduled basis. They are highly flexible with the ability to scale to fit any size business, so big or small, this solution can work for you! The Cloud Backup solution that we recommend is Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct.  Arcserve UDP offers hosted disaster recovery servers that are built from images of your production servers to be accessed in an emergency.  


Cloud Backup vs. Cloud Syncing

Cloud Backup vs SyncLet’s clarify the difference between a Cloud Backup service and a Cloud Sync service, like Dropbox or Google Drive. If you only need a few select files to always be in sync among multiple computers or mobile devices, Cloud Syncing may be the solution for you.

If your goal is to recover in the event of data loss on a hard drive, computer, or physical site, then Cloud Backup is the better choice. Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct is a new offering with benefits of enterprise-level data protection in an easy-to-use and accessible solution. Their expanded feature suite provides comprehensive data protection for your cloud, virtual, and physical environments.


Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct BaaS


A robust backup solution for files, folders, SQL databases, Exchange, and entire server images, allowing you to easily recover data.

  • Rapid recovery
  • No equipment needed
  • Web console
  • Optimized for low bandwidth


Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct DRaaS


DRaas goes beyond backup to provide a remote site, branch offices, and other locations with robust disaster recovery you expect and simplicity you need.

  • Recovery time of < 5 minutes
  • No equipment needed
  • Fully-usable servers and apps in the cloud
  • Optimized for large data sets (up to 500 TB) with unlimited scalability
  • Automated DR testing
  • Push-button recovery


All Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct data centers are located in the United States and the UK. Contact us today and learn more about how Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct can change the way do business!