The time will come when your loved one will need assistance. When daily activities or living alone is no longer an option, Pink Bud Nursing Center Home for the Golden Years wants you to know they are here to help. With over 55 years of experience in providing care, advice, and personal attention around the clock, who better to call on?

Pink Bud Staff Dedicated to Providing the Best Customer ServicePink Bud - medical team

Mr. Pink Hendrix and Bud Corbin founded Pink Bud Nursing Center 1964 in the heart of Greenwood, Arkansas. They are a private, locally owned and operated company. Today their facility consists of 110 rooms and 130 employees a far cry from the original 38 rooms. They contribute this growth and success to their staff’s hard work and drive to achieve customer satisfaction for all residents.


Training is Key

Pink Bud Nursing Center knows that training is key to being the best. Their employees are required to participate in continuous specialized training and education. These training programs keep their employee’s efficient and skills sharp. Any employment opportunities are frequently filled by promoting from within the company. They believe that internal promotions support their rich culture and boosts morale while keeping productivity high.


Pink Bud Follows Guidelines for Your PrivacyPink Bud - HiPAA Guidelines

As Pink Bud has grown over the years, so has their IT and business needs. These needs are complicated by strict HIPAA guidelines and require the help of a consultant. HiPAA is legislation which provides security provisions and data privacy, in order to keep patients’ medical information safe. Knowing these requirements, Pink Bud take HIPAA Privacy rules take very seriously. They participate in frequent audits, regular testing, ongoing training, and conduct an annual Risk Assessment. They are also active in the community and county emergency and disaster preparedness, which gives them a distinct advantage toward their own emergency planning and preparedness.


When you are ready to move forward with planning your loved one’s future in assisted living and you want the best, give Pink Bud a call or stop by and tour their facility, and tell them DCR sent you!