Proactive Monitoring (ProMon) is a managed service that helps eliminate downtime and lost revenue by proactively approaching network issues as they arise. This service helps us understand how a client’s services are performing and identifies potential areas of risk. Proactive monitoring finds these issues or areas of risk before they become emergencies allowing us to fix them early, which saves clients time and money.


Are you Proactive or Reactive?

There are two choices in how you approach downtime; you can react to a problem or proactively prevent problems from happening. Naturally, the latter is what we all prefer, but how is this achieved? How can we fix problems that we do not know exist? The answer is simple! You can subscribe to our Proactive Monitoring (ProMon) managed service and let us help you!




Proactive Monitoring is working, even when you’re not.

ProMon is a 24 x 7 managed service that monitors your business’s servers, workstations, and other network devices.  for developing problems, such as, low disk space, failed patch installs, or lost connection to the network. The ProMon service can be managed by your company or you may choose for DCR to respond and remediate developing problems.


Choose Addon Features Perfect for YOUR Business.

Proactive Monitoring (ProMon) offers additional features to choose from, like access to the ProMon Management Console, use of the remote support tool for covered computers, or you may opt to deploy the DCR ProMon Widget. The DCR ProMon Widget is installed on each end user’s computer to allow them to easily and securely connect with Support without ever having to pick up the phone!




Investing in Your Company’s Future.

Investing in IT is an investment in the future of your company. The value of a company with poor network availability and/or performance is greatly reduced. Get the most out of your technology by keeping it actively maintained and monitored.


Save money, increase productivity, and relax with a more reliable infrastructure.

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