Ask any small business owner and they will tell you that running a business is HARD and staying in business is even HARDER. Things happen and many times they’re beyond our control. For example:


Small Business X experienced a rough couple of years with a series of events ranging from business deals that went sour to personnel problems. In order to save money, the owner started canceling services; one being their backup, and another being support services from their software company. Now, with no backup plan and tight on money, the snowball effect really begins – during an electrical storm, their business-grade router was fried. Again, to save money, the business-grade router was replaced with a home-grade router, which welcomed major vulnerabilities to the network. Then it happened, a malicious email was received, and the attachment was opened – Ransomware encrypted EVERY FILE on their server. Small Business X is left with no data files and like many other small businesses, they will likely not be able to recover.


We do not want this to happen to any business, especially a client. We are at our best when our clients are taken care of, so there is a reason why we say


  • You Must Have Business Grade Firewall Protection.
  • You Must Have a Good Backup and Check it Often.
  • You Must Educate Your Employees.
  • You Must Use Business Grade Email.
  • You Must Have Anti-Virus Software and Check it Often.
  • You Must Use Strong Passwords and Change Them Routinely.
  • You Must Have a Mobile Device Action Plan.
  • You Need to Discuss Your Security with an IT Professional.
  • You Must Run Your Updates.
  • You Must Keep a Secure Wi-Fi Network.
  • You Must Keep Cyber Security Insurance.
  • You Should Invest in ProActive Monitoring Services.