Webb Energy Resources, Inc. is a natural gas marketer for the Arkoma Basin and surrounding area. The role of natural gas marketer is quite complex, and one that does not fit perfectly into just one arena of the natural gas supply chain. Natural gas marketing is a relatively new concept to the natural gas industry. Natural gas marketers were obsolete before the deregulation and the opened access to natural gas pipelines.


What is Natural Gas Marketing?

Natural Gas Marketing is defined as the selling of natural gas, or the process of coordinating delivery of natural gas from the wellhead to the end-user. Marketers may be affiliates of producers, pipelines, local utilities, or separate business entities unaffiliated with any other players in the industry. Marketers, in whatever fashion, find buyers for natural gas and ensure supplies are secure. They provide the pathway for natural gas to reach their clients, the end-user.


Webb Energy - Pipeline

Photo by Quinten de Graaf on Unsplash

Webb Energy Delivers Services Based on Individual Needs

Webb Energy is a privately held company that was founded in 1988, and is located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Their mission is to assist individuals and small natural gas producers withall their marketing endeavors. Webb’s ability to provide gas marketing services rivals any of the larger marketing entities because they provide a wide array of optional services based oneach client’s individual needs. They have the capability of assisting their customers, no matter how large or small, with all the day-to-day issues they encounter in selling their products – this is a great source of pride for Webb’s dedicated staff.



IT Solutions that Provide Efficiency

Webb Energy has seen a vast increase in growth over the years and contribute it to referrals. They currently work with a staff of eight to service their growing client base. For Webb the ability to operate efficiently in the ever-changing natural gas industry is an absolute necessity. This is achieved by leveraging their IT solutions, one good example is the Meraki Teleworker VPN. The teleworker provides them with the ability to work securely from any device, from any location. This flexibility gives the owners the balance needed to manage a growing business and other important aspects of their lives with confidence knowing they are always protected.