What is eCommerce?


eCommerce is the selling of merchandise or services online. In recent years consumers have reshaped the marketplace by opting to shop online vs. traditional brick and mortar stores. This trend is only predicted to grow as businesses, large and small, move their business online as an answer to geographical obstacles and lower costs.

Unfortunately, eCommerce does not come without security risks and business owners need to be aware. These risks are vulnerabilities that cybercriminals are actively looking to exploit. It is imperative that you follow preventative security measures in order to keep your customers and your business safe.


Security MUST haves:


You MUST Choose a PCI Compliant Payment Processor

PCI compliant hosting providers have strict policies and procedures set to ensure secure payment processing.


Address Verification System (AVS)

Credit card processors use AVS to compare customer’s billing info to that on file with their issuing credit card company.


Enforce Strong Passwords

Cybercriminals can access login credentials on eCommerce sites that do not enforce strong passwords. (We recommend at least 14 characters, with one number and special character.)


Use SSL Certificates

eCommerce websites MUST have SSL certificates to secure user connections. Security threats pose not only financial dangers but also can cause your business reputation to suffer. We work with clients on a daily basis to help them work through e-commerce issues. Put our expertise to work for you. Call us and AVOID unwanted problems.



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