We know that many companies deal with frustrating technical issues that always seem to happen at the worst time. That is why we are committed to providing medium to small sized businesses with the easy-to-reach technical support they need when they need it.


Whether you have a pop-up from the Internet on your screen, need to install a new computer, cannot print, or need to set up email our Support Team is here to help. We are experts at assisting small and medium-sized businesses in resolving their computer problems. We deliver this support in a variety of ways, one that will fit your needs. Give us a call today to see how we can help.

Take proactive steps to ensure the health of a server to reduce or eliminate unplanned downtime. One of our technical experts will review key areas, including hardware, operating system, security and backup protection and provide you with an easy to understand, one-page report that is color coded to help quickly direct your attention to problem areas. We recommend this service be conducted on an annual basis.

Backup checks may be performed weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly. This check ensures your backup is working properly, addresses any configuration issues and keeps backup software up-to-date with the most recent service packs. You receive one simple email notifying you of the results.

Proactively monitoring servers, desktops and laptops will help identify developing issued before they become major problems resulting in down time. You may choose to include key websites or hosted application sites for monitoring as well. You will receive email or text notifications of issues as they occur and are resolved. Data is accumulated, trends analyzed and a report emailed to you each month with recommendations of items you should review.

Restore verifications may be performed weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly and are a crucial part of your data recovery plan. This test restore ensures data can be recovered when you need it and identifies problems or failed backups before they become a problem. You receive one simple email notifying you of the results and any recommended action.

Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware and Firewall products are key to protecting your data. Monthly or quarterly reviews ensure your protection is up-to-date, identifies unprotected and problematic computers, and checks for errors and issues. A client usage report of Internet resources is available with some products. You will receive one easy to understand email, notifying of the results and any recommended action.

Many things occur in business that lead to change. Upgrading to new software, building a new facility, relocating to a new office, changing federal regulation or a new Internet service provider can all contribute to this is change. While change is frequently for the good, proper planning is key to the change going smoothly. Let DCR provide expert insight that will help avoid oversights and ensure your project finishes successfully.

Several industries, including banking and HIPAA regulated entities, are required to perform Risk Assessments or undergo IT Audits on an annual basis. In addition, several vendors, including Microsoft, now perform regular license compliance audits. Don’t go through these alone. Our Support Teams bring experience and expertise to these assessments and audits, supplementing your companies’ knowledge and providing guidance if needed.

Dust and dirt will reduce the performance and shorten the life of computers. Proper cleaning and inspection of internal components on critical servers and workstations will protect and prolong your investment. This service is typically recommended on a semi-annual or annual basis. You will receive a report identifying problems and recommendations.

How do you define a disaster? A deleted file? A hard drive that dies? A storm that damages your building? Regardless of your definition of disaster, the ability to recover starts before the disaster occurs. You plan may include offsite backups, redundant Internet service, a written disaster recovery plan or annual disaster recovery testing. DCR will help you determine the business continuity plan that best fits your needs.

How To Get Support


Oklahoma: 918-436-1830 | Ext. 2

Arkansas: 479-783-6111 | Ext. 2

Toll Free: 1-800-937-4129 | Ext. 2

How We Deliver Support

We deliver support in a variety of ways. One will be right for you!

Telephone Support
Talk to one of our Internal SupportDesk team members.

Remote Support
With your permission, we connect to the problem computer.

Email Support
Clients send email requests directly to our SupportDesk team.

Onsite Support
When needed, our Support Engineers come to your office.

Support Agreements

Many clients choose a “pay as you go” option where we will bill you directly for the work performed, as it is performed. Other clients prefer to budget for their support by purchasing a prepaid Support Agreement. These agreements provide many advantages including a reduced hourly rate, a monthly statement of support performed and the option to upgrade to 24/7/365 technical support with emergency after-hours contact numbers. In addition, we offer prepaid Project Support Agreements and Managed Service Agreements. Call us to discuss what option is best for your business.