Security Suite

 As an authorized reseller or business partner with the tech industry’s top manufacturers and suppliers, we specialize in providing services and solutions with products and tools designed specifically for SMBs. These tools were reviewed and tested by our team before being selected for our Security Suite.

24/7/365   Monitoring

We monitor around the clock to detect threats and data breaches before they escalate into serious security issues, which cost more money and more downtime.

EndPoint Protection

includes a centralized console that provides consistent protection against malware, adware, trojans and viruses no matter where your computers are located.

Patch     Management

The process of checking and applying the latest updates and bug fixes, and also ensures updates are correctly installed.

Advanced Phishing Detection

Email protection that sits in front or your email server and examines all incoming email, email links,  landing pages associated with the links, and attachments. It then analyzes the information to detect impersonation before the email is delivered to the  user.

Support Ticket App

End-users can send a support request from their desk using the support app on their workstation. The app provides different delivery methods including screenshots and screen recordings.

Managed Detection & Response

Actively seeks out threats on a your network, aka threat hunting, and responds through threat  mitigation and containment.



Security Awareness for Employees training coupled with phishing simulations will empower your employees with the knowledge and skills to stay cyber secure.

Password Management Vault

Password management can be easy! Our secure password manager saves, stores, and organizes all your passwords and logins in a vault encrypted to your device.