In April many businesses without a remote workforce solution found themselves scrambling to get employees set up to work remotely as many states across the US began to shut down. The immediate goal for our clients was to Keep Business Running, ensuring the basics to be able to perform daily work functions remotely were in place and working properly. While we always strongly recommend clients establish remote workforce policies and complete training before an  emergency, we know it’s not always possible. Emergencies happen, but when you are not prepared, sometimes you’re forced to work with the means available and in most cases, a short window of time.


Skip to now…

The end of the pandemic is still uncertain, it’s time to proactively evaluate or re-evaluate your existing or temporary remote solution.


What to Do Going Forward…

Below are questions your team needs to think about in preparation for what may be the long haul. What worked in a pinch may be less than you need to continue to generate revenue safely and securely for an extended period.


Do you have the tools necessary to complete all your tasks?


Does everything work properly?


Are all devices protected with Anti-Virus?


Are all devices getting updates as needed?


Are all gateway security/firewalls being checked?


Is everything being backed up and is your offsite backup working?


If you answered NO to any of the above questions, let us help! We can implement a remote workforce solution and secure it with one or more of our ProMon modules, possibly the entire suite. Whether it is hardware or software, patch management, improved endpoint protection of home office computers with EDR or a support desk number for end users – we have want it takes to keep your business secure while working remotely.


For questions about your Remote Workforce Solution or information about our ProMon Suite, call us at 918-436-1830.